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Why Fake Vape Carts Are Dangerous!

Friendly Farms Fake Carts, in 2019 the New York State Department of Health saw a rise in acute severe lung disease amongst patients using vape cartridges. Further investigation revealed that this form of acute lung injury was caused by fake vape carts sold within the black market. Fake vape cartridges are unregulated and, as a result, are not licensed. For this reason, they are a great public health concern that continues to impact many young adults across the state. Fake vape cartridges tend to contain vitamin E acetate and other contaminants such as pesticides, resulting in lung disease and eventual death. Reported clinical signs included acute chest pain, constant coughing, and difficulty breathing. Patients affected by fake vape carts tend to require hospitalization and ongoing care. There are currently many fake THC carts on the market! Some popular and deadly counter fits include the classic fake TKO carts and Runtz.

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Identifying Fake Friendly Farm Carts!

  • 1) Box is different
    It is unfortunately common to find packages of a well-known brand being sold on websites like DHGate. Street vendors can grab these boxes and fill them with whatever dirty ingredients and sell them as a real thing. Often there are differences in the packages compared to the original. For example, the Friendly Farms logo should be matt, not glossy. And fake boxes usually have dating and batch IDs wrong.
  • 2) Color of the oil
    Friendly Farms oil is full-spectrum, meaning that it should be rich yellow or dark amber color. If the oil in the cartridge looks distilled, fair yellow, or completely clear, it is undoubtedly fake.
  • 3) Carts and stickers
    Authentic Friendly Farms cartridges have the brand name printed on them vertically from bottom to top. Most fake ones get the font of the name wrong; you can check if it matches the Friendly Farms logo in IG – if not, it’s a knockoff. Tamper evident sticker should also say Friendly Farms and be placed horizontally on the bottom of the package. Old logos or sticker that is placed vertically are red flags.
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