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Friendly Farms

friendly farms carts

Friendly Farms is the first-to-market innovator of a highly specialized live resin called “liquid live.” Humboldt’s Finest is the pioneering cultivator of the world’s finest heritage-grown cannabis. Together, we gladly bring you Humboldt’s Finest “liquid live” vape cartridges.

Friendly Farms is a legitimate, licensed brand that aims to impact the cannabis community with their premium vape cartridges and being involved in the community overall. Friendly Farms True Full-Spectrum designer extracts are award-winning, being recognized by leading cannabis industry judging competitions. It’s no surprise their carts get counterfeited as others try to get a piece of their profits. Pictures of the cartridges and boxes find their way to the Reddit posts, where users wonder which ones are real and which ones are fake. Friendly Farms owner has given some tips on how to spot the counterfeit carts.

True OG is an Indica-dominant strain. The effects of the Full Spectrum cannabis Oil will hit you immediately, whether you dab, vape, or trickle it over joints. THC levels measure 81.52 percent, so go easy on yourself

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