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Cherry Punch – 1g Live Resin Sauce




Buy Cherry Punch – 1g Live Resin Sauce.

Cherry Punch – 1g Live Resin Sauce high hits you with a hard one-two almost as soon you exhale, smashing into your mind with a rushing euphoria that leaves you in a heady cerebral state, unfocused and blissful. This is accompanied by a lightly relaxing body high that keeps you anchored while hitting you with a smash of the munchies. Cherry Punch is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, eye pressure or glaucoma and insomnia. buy vape carts online here.

1g Live Resin Sauce.

Cherry Punch is a potent sativa-hybrid marijuana strain crossed between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch F2. Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, Cherry Punch (also known as Black Cherry Punch) is widely celebrated for its bold cherry flavor profile that comes from dense, citrus terpenes. Consumers who smoke this strain say it smells fruity and rich and a little skunk-like. The high you get from smoking Cherry Punch is uplifting and relaxing – perfect for jamming out to a new album or even taking care of a few errands. This strain is ideal for those seeking relief from anxiety and stress. Cherry Punch buds come in a dark green color with purple specks and striking orange hairs.


1 review for Cherry Punch – 1g Live Resin Sauce

  1. ken

    This is my favorite flavor and high. I buy Friendly Farms because of the quality of the product. I wish my local spots carried more of a selection strains/ flavors though because I’ve only been able to find this strain maybe twice

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